Our Programming Pricing

Our pricing is competitive & we do not offer discounts based on the program's length or frequency. 

The minimum time and financial commitment is 3 months, except for Life Performance Personal Training and its Special Event target training zone which has 1 month minimum with 2 sessions per week. All programs must be prepaid in advance of scheduling. After 90 days, clients are charged automatically on month to month basis. Goal of monthly plan is to assist clients to stay on track with their plans (consistent attendance) thereby increasing their chances in reaching set and desired goals.


The cost of each programming block will vary depending on the training type: Sport High Performance vs. Life Performance, training target zone, duration, frequency, and mode of training such as one-on-one (SOLO), partners (DUO),  or small group (TRIPLE/QUAD PACK). It is imperative that you think through all available options and choose the plan that best fits your preferences and individual situation. We will help you to optimize the plan during our first meeting.

Required for first-time client Initial Evaluation & Assessment Fee of 99 PLN will be credited after 1st programming purchase.


We understand that the cost of training with us is a substantial investment into your future, and as such we feel humble and privileged to serve you but also confident that with us you will become more successful than ever before. We pledge to you as our valuable client to act according to the SuperbAthlete Core Values. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Our base fee for Life Performance Personal Training is 150 PLN for one 60 minutes one-on-one (SOLO) session. All other options reflect 15% discount from the base fee.

Listed below prices do not include extra entry fees to local training facilities i different than WSEWS.

                Life Performance Training Targets                         Training Options

                   # Sessions per Week/Month               SOLO                DUO            TRIPLE/QUAD

                                     2/8                                     1200                 960                       800

                                     3/12                                   1800                1440                     1200


                                     4/16                                   2400                1920                     1600

                      BASE TRAINING FEE                        150                  120                      100


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